1950 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd

Rochester, New York 14623


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Grounds Maintenance

Our team of skilled workers provides specialized facilities on a day-to-day basis. We deliver internal services, careful supervision of external vendors, and provide valuable assistance to all our customers. As a facility maintenance services company, we put a strong emphasis on quality, performance, and service, offering various ground maintenance services to ensure your property always looks it best. The ground services include:
  • Storm Drain Repair We can repair or replace damaged storm drains. We will cut out damaged asphalt or concrete surrounding the drain, replace the drain cover if needed, repair the ledge where the drain cover is seated and repour with concrete around the drain cover.
  • Barrier Installation We can repair or replace any type of damaged barrier, whether wood fencing, concrete parking or utility bollards. We can also add or change out parking signs to meet ADA compliance.
  • Sidewalk Repair and Reconstruction We utilize the latest products for concrete crack repairs and can reconstruct damaged concrete sidewalks, curbs, driveways and other landscape items.
  • Commercial Renovation This grounds maintenance service is just another one of many services we provide. Some recent projects that have been completed are BayTowne in Webster, NY and Perinton Square in Perinton, NY.

We can fulfill all of your building demands as we’re a member of the DiMarco family of businesses. Please visit DiMarco Group or our Facilities Maintenance page for more services that we offer.